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The oil extravergine of olive DOP "Salernitane Hills" has ancient roots, as it derives from native varieties from always present in the salernitano.
The oil draws its tipicity own from the peculiarity of the territory, equipped of pedoclimatiche, paesistiche, historical, cultural connotations and economic absolutely it originates them. Moreover also the colturali techniques and the practical continuations for the obtaining of the product are completely traditional.
Molino Pasini Spa has been active in the milling sector for over 80 years and three generations. The company produces high quality flours for the most exigent customers. Today Molino Pasini is the perfect balance between the continuity with the past and the evolution towards the future. The continuous research of the best quality is always the company’s top priority.
Azienda La Torrente
Nel comparto della trasformazione del pomodoro La Torrente sta conquistando quote di mercato in tutto il mondo. Grazie ad una costante ottimizzazione dei sistemi di produzione sta contrastando con successo le importazioni di prodotti di scarsa qualità verso l'Italia utilizzando esclusivamente pomodori nazionali. la Torrente garantisce alta qualità anche nei servizi, grazie ad un parco automezzi capace di soddisfare le più svariate esigenze e ad una struttura logistica di circa 80.000 mq.
Sogno Toscano is a family run company, which has been doing business by following two solid and simple principles: Quality and Service.

These 2 concepts stand as pillars to our family philosophy.

Everyday we strive to improve our brand by offering more than just a good product, but the best quality products available. We also believe that exceptional customer service is crucial in maintaining a strong customer and producer relationship for years to come.
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Surgiva is an example of the best made in Italy products worldwide. Recently it was chosen as the official water for the opening of the most famous and international Italian art exhibitions, the Venice Art Biennale. Surgiva is one of the lightest water in the world. The very low level of nitrates attests to the extraordinary purity at the source and its neutral taste is as enchanting as the natural landscape surrounding the spring. Surgiva is ideal for those who follow a healthy life. Exclusivity: A new opportunity for your business Elegance: A pure design and a prestige solution for your client Label: A touch of Art Purity: From the highest mountains of Italy, one of the lightest water in the world Quality: The perfect solution for healthy lifestyle